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Measure what has been unmeasurable. The largest online media database will help you to find all your media mentions in real time. A highly relevant media monitoring service with intuitive dashboards, one-click reports, and tailored solutions will help you easily manage your brand reputation and define new ways to understand and communicate with your audience.

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PR and Communication Specialists
Rumors Monitoring offers you to stay on top of all important stories and related news in real time. Being able to search and analyze online media content in one place using an intelligent platform you will be able effectively manage your brand reputation, measure brand visibility, understand main media trends and platform tactics as well as make tonality analysis.

Marketing Specialists
It is highly important to understand how others perceive your brand. Our platform will give marketing specialists an opportunity to benchmark marketing efforts against the competitors bringing insights from conversation share to brand sentiment. With our help, you will be able to track the best-performing keywords, trends and themes in real time, and predict competitors' next moves.

Reduce the time spent on sourcing competitive information by centralizing the flow of outside information, internally. Get immediate access to the original content right from your inbox and share key findings with your colleagues and clients in seconds. Our streamlined automated service will collect for you the desired data 24/7, will provide you with through analysis and deeper insights helping you to create powerful strategies for improving your business.

Success stories


In the huge flow of information, “Rumors Monitoring” allows you to save time and direct the employees' abilities to develop the Institution's public communication taking into account the number of opportunities provided by the system. The rapid response of the team to the issues raised and the rapid deployment of proposals in the system speaks of a positive image of the organization.
Rumours Monitoring proved to be a great deal of help for us. Unlike other similar softwares, it is geared towards the Armenian media which helps easily filter through the search results. In addition to saving us time and effort, the platform is easily accessible and very convenient because it offers all the monitoring functions in a single platform.
Rumors Monitoring is a great platform for those, who want to get needed information on one click. Thanks to keywords the system can find all the information extremely fast. It’s a great tool, that helps to organize work in the most effective way, save time and understand what kind of information is public interested in.
I would like to express my admiration for the Rumors Monitoring job. Using your product for some months I would like to say that Rumors Monitoring is an amazing tool for public relations specialists, communication officers and spokesmen. It really eases the life. You shouldn’t be stressed all the time to monitor the endless media coverage to find out some materials on you or your company. It is done for you very quickly, effectively and comprehensively. Using this tool, you can manage your resources much more effectively. Instead of media monitoring you can monitor the things deeper: what is written, how is written, why it is written in such a way, what to do for getting more or less media attention, what time is the most effective for press releases, what topic is the most interesting for the audience and much more. Thank you for this professional possibility, colleagues. The system created by you is much attractive due to your friendly, supportive and professional team. You do our job for us and do it in a more coordinated way.
It’s a platform with agile and innovative solutions, and large database. The team is amazing, and working with them is nice and effective.
For Public Relations specialist media analysis is an everyday work. In the past specialists spent huge amounts of time on gathering publications and analyzing them. Today automatic systems are created, that give PR specialists a panoramic view in few minutes. Rumors Monitoring is a platform of innovative solutions. Rumors Monitoring created a brand new work style. Armenian PR Association collaborate with them in the frameworks of Armenian PR Award’s scientific research, as well as other local and international projects. This is a great opportunity for research and monitoring. We are grateful to our colleagues for their smart and professional work.
It’s an awesome platform, that helps me instantly find the information I need, it has flexible filtration features and the important fact is that it saves my time a lot.
Rumors Monitoring is a great idea and an easy to use tool that helps to amalgamate media data and do effective media monitoring through keywords. Saves time and resources of the team. The best aspect of it is that it focuses on online media in Armenia and provides more focused and optimal search outcomes compared to generic monitoring tools or search engines. Rumors team is available to support us with guidance and recommendations for optimal use of the tools features. They constantly aim to improve the features and quality of the tool based on client feedback.

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