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It’s a good means of keeping an eye on what people think about your organization or your brand. Rumors Monitoring helps save time on daily news clippings, media monitoring and reports compilation. It also gives a quick heads-up on what’s trending on social.

Narine Hayrapetyan
Communications Manager @AGBU Armenia

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So Smart. So Simple.

After witnessing the countless hours PR teams spend hustling through so much data, we knew there had to be an easier way! So we took to experimenting with our software expertise and we developed a solution that started revolutionizing the lives of the teams we tested it on.

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    No more manual scrolling through thousands of articles
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    Being able to search and analyse traditional media content in one place using an intelligent platform
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    Data at your fingertips with real time updates
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    The flexibility to choose and change the keywords that are most relevant to you
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    Automatically collect media content 24/7
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    Get immediate access to the original content right from your inbox
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    Ultrafast search times
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    Rapid analysis of data

Get Instant Access to What’s Really Going On

The Rumors Monitoring difference is that we own data. Not only do we provide you with greater access, but we also organize all the data you need by date, time, region, language and prominence. Our unparalleled and comprehensive access to instant data means we can create powerful strategies for improving your PR.

Why Rumors Monitoring?

Leave Your Media Reporting to Us

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    We make it automatic
    Just for a moment, imagine the incredible satisfaction of being able to take those time consuming media monitoring tasks off your to-do list. Just think about how much more time and energy you and your team would have to grow your business FASTER.
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    Your simple solution
    Stay fully equipped with all media mentions, press clippings, reports, charts and data you need to prove the excellent work you’re doing…. more easily than ever before! We’ve got you covered with our streamlined automated service that takes care of it all for you.
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    Powerful market insights
    Stop letting business opportunities slip through your fingers by missing important media coverage. Our powerful algorithms locate every single update for chosen search terms so that you can stay on top and make business decisions based on the timeliest information.
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    Fresh opportunities
    Let the technology do the work for you. Stay ahead of competitors with more comprehensive data than your team could ever produce working around the clock. Never miss a thing with our powerful, meticulous and reliable search engines on your team.
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    Know where you stand
    Avoid PR disasters by staying up to date with immediate notifications of all coverage you’re monitoring. Easily stay active in grooming your online representation. Nurture your relationship with your customers by immediately responding to any public issues that arise.
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    Rumors Monitoring lets you manage your profile by yourself or call us for free phone support at:

Success stories

Hear from our Happy Customers

Rumors Monitoring is a great platform. What I like the most is that this tool provides necessary information with data analysis and effectively responds to multiple issues enabling the companies to remain competitive. It’s the best way to get proactive maintenance and early discovery of articles, to get an alert at any time of the day on a previously mentioned subject and to access a large platform of media sources.
It’s a good means of keeping an eye on what people think about your organization or your brand. Rumors Monitoring helps save time on daily news clippings, media monitoring and reports compilation. It also gives a quick heads-up on what’s trending on social.
Rumors Monitoring is to easy to use. It’s significantly saves my time and efforts and helps to understand public interest of our product.
After every event there is no longer the need to get in touch with journalists to ask for links or try to find them through search engines. With Rumors Monitoring my everyday work has become much easier and more productive.
It’s an awesome platform, that helps me instantly find the information I need, it has flexible filtration features and the important fact is that it saves my time a lot.
Rumors Monitoring is a great idea and an easy to use tool that helps to amalgamate media data and do effective media monitoring through keywords. Saves time and resources of the team. The best aspect of it is that it focuses on online media in Armenia and provides more focused and optimal search outcomes compared to generic monitoring tools or search engines. Rumors team is available to support us with guidance and recommendations for optimal use of the tools features. They constantly aim to improve the features and quality of the tool based on client feedback.

Why not google?

Better Than Google

Google is awesome but not for media monitoring. Why?
Media monitoring involves looking for more than just one article
You can’t rely on Google to show you the full picture of your coverage
Google searches bring you dozens of irrelevant articles to your search
You Need Complete Data with Rumors Monitoring
Missing out on just one important piece can make all the difference
You need to know what everyone’s saying about you, everywhere
This includes every feedback comment on Social Media


Get valuable insights from big data

All your data within easy reach
You can get insights into your PR and communication efforts throughout the years, as Rumors Monitoring’s data goes back to the year 2015.
Competitive Analysis
Access complete country data insights to uncover competitors’ activity without the guesswork.
Media Activity
Analyze your media coverage, with high and low activity dates on charts, to make informed decisions.
Source Distribution Stats
Discover media sources where the most publications for your keywords and topics are found.
Facebook Score Stats
Get an overview of how much engagement the publications have on Facebook. You are able to see number of likes, comments and Facebook scores.

Find piece of mind...

By Knowing What Everyone’s Saying About You 24/7

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    No more nasty surprises
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    No more getting left behind
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    Take the power into your own hands
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    Your PR is about to get a whole lot easier